About Us

Lawcubator is a SaaS based Legal-Tech platform for workplaces to manage their employee-centric laws and legal compliance in Canada and India.

Our customizable technology platform is uniquely designed in accordance with various national and international legislations to ensure holistic and efficient management of all issues related to employee-centric legal-compliance.

Through our C-T-N methodology which stands for “Content-Technology-Network”, our platform is a one-stop shop for all the employee-centric legal-compliances requirements of an organization or educational institution.

Our top-notch animation based e-learning content explaining legal concepts using simple real-life examples is integrated in the platform across all compliances and can also be customized based on requirements.

PoSH Guide

Our portfolio covers a wide range of online solutions across different domains related to workplace:

POSHsecure - Prevention of sexual harassment in workplaces and higher educational institutions.
EQsense - Workplace Diversity & Inclusion, Discrimination, Assault & Ethics
DocketIP- Innovation Management & Intellectual Property Rights
Anti-Ragging - Curbing Ragging in Higher Educational Institutions.